headshaker enjoying Equine Breathing

Help for headshaking

Help your horse recover with Equine Breathing

Doesn't matter what type of headshaking or what triggers it

Drug-free, natural, and enjoyable for the horse

Equine Breathing is a soothing training method that improves breathing which enables the physiology to start to recover. See overview

Judge the effect on your horse for yourself. It's easy to try Equine Breathing using the free instructions.

Clare developed Equine Breathing to help her own horse recover from headshaking - and it worked! 😊 read more....

If you have any questions Clare is happy to help. ask question

Support and advice is also available in the facebrook group Headshaking recovery with Equine Breathing

Watch video below or on facebook or youtube

Some success stories

Cury - headshaking and hayfever trial. See video below or on youtube. Or read more...

Delilah's story (eventer competition horse)

Vinnie's story part 1    part 2 ('failed' racehorse to promising eventer)

Jack's story (recovery with 1N)

Tips for riding headshakers

Using Equine Breathing for recovery from headshaking - a detailed guide

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