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Horse Breather articles

December 2004
1 Getting started with Equine Breathing  plus
How can breathing possibly have such a powerful effect that it can heal conditions considered to be ‘incurable’?

January 2005
2 Starting Equine Breathing yourself plus
“I’m a busy person with little enough time for my horse already, why should I spend the time doing Equine Breathing?

February 2005
3 Cough case study by Wendi Noy

March 2005
4 Over breathing - signs to look for. How well does your horse breathe?

April 2005
5 Over breathing signs in people plus
‘Why does my horse so quickly relax from even highly agitated states when I start doing Equine Breathing’?

May 2005
6 Using your legs  plus
" Why does my horse snort/yawn/cough during or after Equine Breathing?"

June 2005
7 If your horse is slow to respond to 1N.... plus
"Why has my horse's fitness improved through Equine Breathing?"

July 2005
8 Direct use against symptoms  plus
Amazon's chronic cough has disappeared - feedback from Karen

August 2005
9 Curyghan's recovery from hay fever, head shaking, separation anxiety and a lot more  plus
Can I do Equine Breathing with my pregnant mare?

September 2005
10 First Impressions of Equine Breathing and stallion stress
by veterinary homeopath Samantha-Leah Tobias

October 2005
11 Help for the reluctant horse breather plus
Seasonal tips

November 2005
12 Disappearing Sarcoids  plus
Can I feed after Equine Breathing if my horse is hungry?

December 2005
13 Starting sensitive horses   Equine Breathing Horse Course case study

January 2006
14 Regaining confidence and trust  plus
How do I do Equine Breathing out on a ride?

February 2006
15 Lazy horses  plus
1N on wild pony

March 2006
16 Chronic nasal discharge and lethargy

April 2006
17 How much Equine Breathing in each session?  plus
Head shaking - return of symptoms

May 2006
18 1N diary

June 2006
19 Head shaking success with 1N  plus
Starting with the Equine Breather

July 2006
20 Is 1N effective at very low levels? - A bargey lethargic horse

August 2006
21 Breathing a mare and foal

September 2006
22 Breathing an Event horse by Mies Kloos

December 2006
23 COPD case study by Ceri Byrd

April 2007
24 Breathing Skruven the Shetland Pony by Ulrike Hermelin

July 2007
25 Stretching in Equine Breathing sessions - a three month study

September 2007
26 Heart rate changes in Equine Breathing sessions - observations on Merlin

November 2007
27 Chronic Breathing Difficulties - 1N Trial

January 2008
28 Success with separation anxiety using 1N by Trudi Reiter  plus
Relaxing an anxious horse with 1N – example sessions

February 2008
29 Do you suspect your horse has breathing problems ?

March 2008
30 Seasonal disorders (hay fever, head shaking, sweet itch etc)

May 2008
31 Which Breather? A comparison of the Equine and Grazing Breathers

June 2008
32 The chronic nature of over breathing  plus
About snorting

July 2008
33 Post viral lethargy, irritability and over weight by Natalie Lascelles

August 2008
34 Reducing the stress of travelling  plus
Itchy nostrils

September 2008
35 Chronic breathing difficulties, cough, headshaking, allergies and lethargy in a show horse by Roni Leaf

November 2008
36 Post viral lethargy, irritability and over weight - 6 month update by Natalie Lascelles  plus
Using a Grazing Breather

December 2008
37 Benefits of Equine Breathing for an older horse

January 2009
38 Horses doing 1N for themselves

March 2009
39 The Equine Breathing 'Trainer' Course

April 2009
40 Metabolic Syndrome

June 2009
41 Post viral lethargy, irritability and over weight - one year on by Natalie Lascelles  plus
A year of using the Grazing Breather

July 2009
42 How to improve your own breathing part 1       Conseils de respiration pour les cavaliers - Partie 1

September 2009
43 How to improve your own breathing part 2

October 2009
44 The All Weather Breather and sweet itch, wind sucking and stress reduction

November 2009
45 Safety and spooky horses

December 2009
46 From separation anxiety to training as an Equine Breathing Trainer by Trudi Reiter

January 2010
47 The benefits of better breathing for riders

February 2010
48 Starting a horse with breathing difficulties by Michaela Weilguny

Februar 2010
48 Der erfolgreiche Start von Equine Breathing bei Atmungsschwierigkeiten eines Pferdes - Michaela Weilguny

March 2010
49 EPSM - Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy

May 2010
50 Chronic cough and respiratory difficulties by Michaela Weilguny

July 2010
51 Recovery from ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) by Annette

October 2010
52 COPD (wheezing and heaves) recovery using an All Weather Breather

February 2011
53 Seasonal ailments - sweet itch, head shaking, COPD etc

June 2011
54 "Why is my horse breathing hard /fast?" (or heavy, loud, rapid, slow, shallow, deep, noisy, out of breath etc)

September 2011
55 Coping with stress by Anders Lönedal

December 2011
56 "Why is my horse breathing hard /fast?" - part 2 - the effect of warmth (or heavy, loud, rapid, slow, shallow, deep, noisy etc)

March 2012
57 Using a Nose Net; headshaking, hay fever and more

May 2012
58 Why some people have low expectations when they first start Equine Breathing

August 2012
59 The easy way to improve your breathing - using a Comfort Breather

December 2012
60 Replacing bad behaviour patterns, such as windsucking and crib-biting, with good ones

March 2013
61 Three steps to help your horse stop windsucking / cribbing

June 2013
62 Headshaking - effective Equine Breathing for recovery

  62 Headshaking - un article pour les personnes utilisant l'Equine Breathing pour une récupération effective

September 2013
63 Why autumn/winter is a good time to start (and continue) Equine Breathing

December 2013
64 Recovery from headshaking - Delilah's story
By Lorraine Hocking, publshed in Horsemanship Magazine and reproduced here with their kind permission

March 2014
65 Breath, buffers and performance
Dr David Beales FRCP MRCGP DCH DRCOG Dip Psych explains some of the reasons why over breathing is bad for you. (published in Functional Sports Nutrition 2014)

April 2016
66 Tips for riding headshakers

September 2016
67 Soft start 1N for horses that find it difficult to enjoy 1N at first       Comment faire 1N démarrage progressif   vidéo

April 2018
68 Sweetitch trial - CK

December 2018
69 How do nose-nets work?

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