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Improving your own breathing

'Freedom from Asthma' by Alexander Stalmatski
'Close Your Mouth: Buteyko Breathing Clinic self help manual' by Patrick McKeown
Handy paperbacks available from Amazon etc. Both books are relevent for a wide range of ailments, not just asthma. They give a layman's explanation of the physiology behind Buteyko and self help exercises.
Website of the authorised Buteyko organisation
Website of the leading Buteyko practitioner in the UK, Jill McGowan. Follow this if you want to find out about doing a Buteyko workshop or if you are interested in training as a Buteyko practitioner.
Paul O Connell's site provides concise information on Buteyko with particular attention given to its application for asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, nasal problems, anxiety and general health improvements and for better breathing courses Stress Management using the physiology of breathing to manage stress and regain health and performance

The Science of Breathing

Details of breathing physiology in this free download kindly made available with permission from the author; A brief overview of the Chemistry of Respiration and the Breathing Heart Rate
Peter M. Litchfield, PhD in California Biofeedback Vol 19 No 1
The Mindful Physiology website is concerned with regaining normal breathing and contains useful information about the physiology of over breathing.
Site and internet book by Artour Rakhimov giving full details of the physiology underlying Buteyko and comprehensive references on relevant research - for the more serious student!

Asthma - Buteyko's cure
Non-commercial website created by former asthmatics who experienced the immediate and dramatic beneficial effects of Professor Buteyko's therapy for asthma. Presents the science, history and other aspects of Buteyko's method for reversing asthma, CFS and other chronic hyperventilation disorders.

Horse handling for trust and confidence

'From My Hands to Yours' by Monty Roberts

'Unlock Your Horses Potential' by Richard Maxwell'

'Perfect Manners' by Kelly Marks Monty Roberts and world wide contacts

Management regime

Horsemanship Magazine
Useful bimonthly magazine "For those willing to walk a mile in their horse's hooves".
Articles by Dr Robert Cook and co authors on use of bits and shoes on horses

Holistic horse care blog Articles on holistic horse & hoof care

Holistic horse care facebook group Help and education in the area of holistic horse & hoof care

Laundry Balls
Widely available on line eg from amazon. For info see

Safe washing agents
Non perfumed detergents are available from chemists and pharmacies

Unrefined salt

Grey salt from Sel de Guerande and Danival are often available in health stores and some good supermarkets Australian Equine Barefoot Movement  Equine Directory with a guide to the Many Therapies, Training Methods and Products Available today. As well as Products to buy, Articles to read and Competitions to enter Australian Equine Arts which is dedicated to natural lifestyle and equine care, including bare hoof care. and  Dr Robert Cook advises that more than 100 problems can be attributed to use of the bit. The genuine Dr Cook Bitless Bridle is a humane alternative to the bit. Information on holistic care of horses New Zealand horse news, advice and directory Articles and information on all things equestrian, emphasising a natural approach to horsemanship with Trader section If Your Horse Could Talk is now celebrating over five years of educating horse owners to a more natural approach to their horses. We accomplish this through our extensive website, the If Your Horse Could Talk show, clinics, consultations, a variety of articles, and our natural product store. James Shaw - tai chi for riders Barefoot trimming Barefoot trimmingin Austria News for natural hoof care A new design of treeless saddle that has many different uses and gets great client feedback Home of the Missouri Foxtrotter in Austria

The Six Keys to Happiness with Your Horse. Jenny Pearce's free lessons designed to help people towards a deep connection and bond with their horse

Equestrian search engines