• Will it help me?

    Will it help me?

    Riders, Do you get tense, tired or breathless when you ride or handle horses? Could this be affecting your horse?

    Find out how you can improve your own health, fitness & performance. More…

  • Equine Breathing products

    Equine Breathing products?

    The online shop has a range of products to suit your needs from the Starter Guide booklet to the flexible and effective Breather training programs using the patented Equine Breathers, to personal tuition courses. More…

  • Competition riders

    Competition riders

    How Equine Breathing can help you to gain advantages in fitness, stamina, concentration, suppleness, relaxation, stress reduction and injury recovery . More…

  • Endurance riders

    Endurance riders

    How Equine Breathing can help to increase stamina and fitness, and to reduce heart rate, recovery time, dehydration and pre ride nerves and stress. More…

Thank you to Professor Konstantin Buteyko and Monty Roberts for inspiring the Equine Breathing approach.

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