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Welcome to Equine Breathing

Equine Breathing enables you to help your horse recover from chronic ailments and behavioural problems.

If you have a horse with a condition such as headshaking, allergies, ulcers, breathing problems, sweetitch or cribbing, you can try Equine Breathing and judge the effect on your horse for yourself.

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"I have been using the Equine Breathing technique on my herd of 4 horses for over a year now. The herd have become less anxious and amazingly have recovered from ailments I didn’t think were healable!"

Tracey, New Forest, UK

"He has been using the All Weather Breather for several months and the improvement is nothing short of miraculous and I don't think that it will be too long now before I will be riding him again."

Helen, Ireland

"Le All Weather Breather est une grande réussite pour ma jument qui est soulagée dès qu'on lui met son AW"

Laureen, France
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