What is it?

Equine Breathing is an holistic training method that enables you to help your horses in their recovery from chronic ailments and behaviour problems and to increase stamina, fitness and performance.

Equine Breathing is essentially a 'Do It Yourself' method that uses no veterinary procedures or drugs.

Over breathing in humans has a direct and detrimental effect on their physiology and therefore their health. At Equine Breathing we believe the same is true for horses and that a horse with symptoms or problems is likely to be over breathing. Equine Breathing helps the horse to breathe better; that is, to reduce the over breathing back down towards normal levels. This allows the horse's physiology to return towards normal and therefore to good health.

It may be surprising, but for various reasons, a horse that is chronically over breathing is often not able to reduce its breathing back to normal on its own.

The connection between breathing, physiology and health is well known in scientific studies of human respiration physiology and while equivalent scientific studies on horses have not not yet been carried out, trials by and feedback from interested horse owners support its applicability to horses.

We find that Equine Breathing encourages the horse to embark on a holistic healing process ie the horse is healing itself.

In many cases the symptoms start to reduce almost immediately, but it is important to continue to do Equine Breathing until the horse has regained normal breathing. This may be some time after symptoms have disappeared.

The healing process can have surprising elements for people not used to holistic healing, including 'healing responses', and the horse can become healthy in ways that the owner did not anticipate, in addition to the disappearance of symptoms.

The aim of Equine Breathing is not just the short term relief from symptoms (though that is of course valued in itself) but is to return the horse to normal full health where triggers such as pollen, weather conditions, stress etc no longer result in symptoms.

So for example, a horse with sweet-itch becomes able to respond normally to midge bites and no longer needs protection from midges. Pollen etc no longer cause headshaking or hay fever symptoms and so on.

Once the horse has regained normal breathing they are likely to maintain it unless their breathing is disrupted by 'over breathing triggers'.

Owners find that horses doing Equine Breathing become fitter.

Equine Breathing enables people to actively do something to help their horse recover.

Horses enjoy doing Equine Breathing and become relaxed.

Video Introduction Free Instructions

You can try Equine Breathing right now by using these free instructions for '1N' (one nostril) which is pictured here.

Breathers are available for owners who find 1N beneficial and want a more powerful and efficient method.

Equine Breathing is based on accepted physiological principles.

Equine Breathing is inspired by the Buteyko Breathing method for people, which enables asthma, eczema, insomnia etc sufferers to recover from their symptoms and cease using drugs.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, such as "Why does my horse breathe heavily?" click here

Equine Breathing is not a substitute for veterinary advice. If you have any concerns consult your vet before starting Equine Breathing and while Equine Breathing may reduce the need for ongoing treatment do not change any veterinary prescribed treatments without first consulting your vet.

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