Equine Breathing provides a range of events from academic courses and conference presentations to demonstrations at public events, to workshops or talks for specific interests such as for example hoof trimmers or local riding clubs. For more information see Equine Breathing Courses, or email Clare


Equine Breathing launched in Austria 2012

Daily demonstrations at the 4 day horse expo 'Pferdemesse Wels' attracted interest from horse owners and the horse press

Equine Breather Trainer Michaela Weilguny is now working with clients and significant parts of the Equine Breathing website are available in German

Video in German (2mins)

Equine Breathing Austria Facebook Group

International Buteyko Conference 2005

Paul O’Connell - BSc, Dip Ed, MBA, MBIBH, Chief Executive Officer - Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health reports.

After recovery from many years of CFS, Clare has spent significant time in the last few years developing a method for applying the principles of the Buteyko method to horses, the Equine Breathing technique. This amazing work was presented in a beautifully choreographed manner including pictures, video clips and soundtrack which graphically showed the recovery of diseased horses and the methods she has developed to help them retrain their breathing.

And from Peter Kolb

Clare's Equine Breathing program was a very interesting application of Buteyko technique that I believe would have resonated very well with Professor Buteyko. She raised exactly the sorts of issues I would have expected from him.

Equine Breathing 1N demo, Natural Horsemanship Gathering 2005

A first timer demonstrates yawning - a common relaxation response on starting Equine Breathing

Equine Breathing workshop at the Holistic Horse Care Centre 2005

Students on Cathy Tindall’s Equine Behaviour course made a wonderful audience for the first ever Equine Breathing Workshop at the Pitsford Centre near Northampton.

The attentive and dedicated class of 15 resourceful women revelled in the theory of the physiology, flung themselves into the ‘games’ and finally got to have a go themselves on Moulton College horses. Many have now started using Equine Breathing which is great news for horses.