Equine Breathing Trainer Course

Horse yawning and enjoying an advanced Equine Breathing technique
Equine Breathing
  • 25 hours of course work including practice and theory plus a
  • Supervised case study over one month
  • Successful completion results in certification as an Equine Breathing Trainer lasting 3 years.

The course work can be done either in person on a 3 day course in the UK  or

As an online course of live one to one sessions over 3 months (or longer)

This is an advanced course for experienced Equine Breathers who have worked on their own breathing, and who wish to help others to use Equine Breathing.

The course covers the physiology behind Equine Breathing and the development of the required level of Equine Breathing knowledge, skills and teaching methods to help other people to run safe and effective Equine Breathing programs.

Recertification required every 3 years to retain Equine Breathing Trainer status


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If necessary the course can be extended to include extra breath training for experienced Equine Breathers who need to work on their own breathing.