Nose Net Plus

Equine Breathing product - Nose-net Plus
Equine Breathing

Nose nets can sometimes relieve hay fever and headshaking when the horse is ridden.

The Nose-net Plus is designed to be used as part of an Equine Breathing 1N or Breather program, especially early on, until the symptoms have gone and the NNP is no longer necessary

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Nose-net Plus description

  • Can be used without a noseband
  • Quick and easy to attach to bridle including bitless as shown above
  • Unobtrusive
  • Easy to clean
  • Only for use when riding. At other times use the more robust All Weather, Grazing or Equine Breather
  • It's important to continue Equine Breathing AFTER the symptoms have disappeared and UNTIL the horse has recovered normal breathing. However you don't need to continue to use the Nose Net Plus once the symptoms have gone if you are using 1N or a Breather.

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Quick Size Guide

You can use this quick size guide or for a more accurate result you can measure your horse's nose using the chart below

small for small ponies

medium for horses and ponies with shorter narrower noses eg Arabs, Spanish, some TBs

large for longer wider noses eg cobs, warmbloods, some TBs


Measurements size guide

Use a soft tape measure (or a piece of string) to measure in centimeters from the protruding cheek bone to the bottom of the nostril as shown by the yellow line and then measure all the way round the nose placing the tape in the chin groove and just behind the nostrils as shown by the green line.

The size of the horse does not necessarily determine the size of the Nose-Net Plus needed as head sizes are very variable irrespective of body size.  Taking these measures will help to get the correct size and fit.

  1. Protruding cheek bone to bottom of nostril - yellow line
  2. Circumference round nose, along chin groove and behind nostrils - green line


yellow green AW size
20.5 to 22 cm 38 to 42 cm small
22 to 26 cm 42 to 47 cm medium
26 to 31.5 cm 47 to 53.5 cm large
31.5 to 34 cm 53.5 to 60 cm extra large
Horse head showing how to measure for an All Weather Breather size
Equine Breathing


In a published De Montfort University study more than half of horses showed some improvement in hay fever / headshaking symptoms when using a nose net and a quarter showed complete relief of symptoms.

These results with nose nets were considerably more successful than veterinary treatment or food supplements. Nevertheless the study also shows that many horses (40%) are NOT helped by a nose net.

Ref; Taylor, K, Cook, S and Mills, DS (2001) TheVeterinary Record150; 311-31.