Rider Breathing Course

Capnometer breath training exercise
Equine Breathing
  • 10 hour course in 5 sessions
  • Free follow up advice and support for a year

This course is for riders who feel that they are not riding as well as they could because of issues such as poor energy or concentration; anxiety; nerves or tension; or lack of suppleness.

the aim is to improve the rider / handler's performance including fitness, stamina, confidence, concentration and calmness whether in leisure or competition riding

The course includes use of a number of techniques, including capnometer biofeedback training, how to reverse bad breathing habits; how to monitor and improve breathing and how to apply this training to horse related activities.


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This Rider Breathing course currently runs only in the UK. If you would have liked to participate in the course but it is not practical for you to get to one, you may be interested in the Telephone Breathing Training Course (£45) which can be done wherever you are, by phone or skype.