All Weather Breather Training Pack

All Weather Breather
Equine Breathing
  • All Weather Breather
  • Online access to training video on how to run an effective Equine Breathing program, and printed instructions. Details will be sent to the email address in your Paypal account
  • Includes support and advice for a year by email and or phone or skype
  • Summary of instructions


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All Weather Breather description

  • Mildest Breather - the easiest and most flexible way to do Equine Breathing
  • Can be worn all day (or night) by horses out grazing, or in the stable or yard
  • Can be used in any weather conditions, wet or dry
  • Provides the benefits of Equine Breathing over long periods making it especially useful for the relief of and recovery from sweet itch, hay fever, headshaking, nose rubbing, excessive snorting, photosensitivity, wind sucking, lethargy, breathing difficulties
  • Easy for horse to wear through all normal activities such as grazing, resting, drinking or playing vigorously. Must NOT be used when horse is ridden.
  • Recommended for mild to severe symptoms and can be used in conjunction with Grazing or Equine Breather for maximum effect
  • Can be used to help calm horses in times of stress eg travelling, weaning, moving home
  • Can be used on more than one horse each day
  • Can be used when the horse is exercised in hand but NOT when being ridden
  • Provides protection against UV in sunlight and flies
  • Long lasting if horse does not catch it on sharp surfaces (eg thorn bushes, barbed wire etc) or have field mates that pull or bite it
  • 70 minute training video with easy online access
  • Answers to FAQs here
  • Free support and advice for a year by email and or phone/skype/faceTime

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Size guide

To find out what size of All Weather Breather will fit your horse you need to measure their nose.

Use a soft tape measure (or a piece of string) to measure in centimeters from the protruding cheek bone to the bottom of the nostril as shown by the yellow line and then measure all the way round the nose placing the tape in the chin groove and just behind the nostrils as shown by the green line.

The size of the horse does not necessarily determine the size of the All Weather Breather (AW) needed as head sizes are very variable irrespective of body size. So it’s important to take these measurements in order to get an AW that will fit.

  1. Protruding cheek bone to bottom of nostril - yellow line
  2. Circumference round nose, along chin groove and behind nostrils - green line
yellow green AW size
15 to 19 cm 33 to 36 cm mini
20 to 22 cm 36 to 42 cm small
22 to 26 cm 42 to 47 cm medium
26 to 31.5 cm 47 to 53.5 cm large
31.5 to 34 cm 53.5 to 60 cm extra large
Horse head showing how to measure for an All Weather Breather size
Equine Breathing

Please note

Ideally buyers will have used 1N and found it benefits their horse but with the All Weather Breather this is not essential.

Breathers are more powerful than 1N and should only be used in accordance with the principles given in the training video and the written instructions. Equine Breathing (including 1N and the Equine, Grazing and All Weather Breathers) is a training aid, not a veterinary procedure and is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Prices are in pounds - but don't worry PayPal will convert the £ price to your own currency and show you the amount before you buy.

Breather Features

  • Recommended if the horse has moderate to severe symptoms 
  • Recommended for long term and difficult conditions
  • Healing can be more intense
  • Full training video and written summary instructions
  • Provides a versatile and more powerful Equine Breathing effect for little effort
  • For use on horses 2 years of age and upward
  • Soothing and calming and enjoyed by horses


  • Ideal for busy people - saves time and can be fitted in to your schedule
  • Use is flexible according on the situation
  • Can be used to reduce fear and stress in difficult situations
  • Can be used to help recovery from injury or illness
  • Can be used at key times as an 'intervention' to change habits
  • Can be used to improve performance
  • Helps improve safety of horse and rider
  • More than one horse can be breathed at the same time
  • One Breather can be used on several horses

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