All Weather Breather

My 15yr. old Connemara gelding, Coillte Mah has suffered very badly from copd for the past 5yrs. and I have been struggling to give him some reasonable quality of life. There have been several occasions when I nearly called the vet to have him put to sleep as his lungs were sounding like a church organ. Over the years I have tried many supplements, some worked well and others not so well and always he was getting slowly worse. I was constantly 'surfing the web' looking for new products and discovered Equine Breathing. He has been using the All Weather Breather for several months and the improvement is nothing short of miraculous and I don't think that it will be too long now before I will be riding him again.

I also have an 8yr. old Irish Cob called Samson and a few weeks ago he developed behavioural problems. He became over reactive and very spooky and also started to crib badly. After using the All Weather Breather for only a couple of weeks he is a different horse. He no longer cribs and is focused and co-operative during our schooling lessons and much safer on the roads. Clare has been so supportive during this amazing journey. Not only do I have two healthy and well behaved horses, I have learned so much as well.

Helen, Ireland
January 2016

Le All Weather Breather est une grande réussite pour ma jument qui est soulagée dès qu'on lui met son AW. Les différences sont flagrantes et je peux enfin la remonter normalement. Elle supporte très bien le filet et je vois une réelle différence quand à sa vie au pré. En effet, avec le AW sur le nez, elle fait sa vie au pré. Sans, elle reste prostrée dans sa cabane et donne des grands coups de tête.

je suis vraiment contente que cet outil puisse la soulager. je vous remercie.

Laureen, France
June 2014

Well I can't begin to tell you the miracle turn around of Tom - he is a different horse. I have continued the IN breathing and used the all weather breather for up to 3 hours a day now. He has stopped coughing, he has brought up white mucus, done a lot of nose blowing and his breathing is not so noticeable in fact nearly back to normal and he enjoys wearing it. He is certainly very happy within himself - a complete turnaround - it is just amazing.

I found your video (Using the All Weather Breather) very helpful and loaded with information easy to understand and follow. I am so glad I found you Clare you are brilliant thank you for sharing your knowledge


Jennifer, Oxfordshire, UK
April 2014

J'ai decouvert Equine Breathing par le plus grand des hasards alors que je desesperais a trouver quoi que ce soit pr calmer le headshaking de Lulu, elle encensait au travail et elle commençait a le faire au pré. J'ai commencé la technique du 1N qui a été efficace a petite dose mais qui nous a soulage le premier été... ensuite les crises ont empiréées ne laissant pas de réépis l'hiver.

Je me suis decidee a investir dans un All Weather n'y croyant que faiblement.... et ma vie a litteralement changéée, il aura fallu 3mois pour que les crises diminuent de plus de moitiéé et 6mois pour quelles disparaissent. Clare ma aidéé a mettre en place un programme personnaliséé et a suivi la progression. Je n'arrive pas a y croire mais j'ai maintenant une jument qui respire normalement et surtout que ne se deplace plus les cervicales chaque jour. Bref je remercie Equine Breathing pour m'avoir donner la solution qui a changé la vie de ma jument et qui m'a permis de retrouver le gout de monter

Auriane, Lyon, France
June 2013

I bought the all weather breather at ‘Your Horse Live’ for my coloured cob Teddy as he had a bad cough.

I had booked the vet to call out on Wed (3 days later) but decided to postpone the visit and give your breather a chance. Well I am glad I did.  Teddy has not coughed up any gunk out side his stable since, and although he does cough during ridden exercise it is no where near as bad. He seemed more focused as well.   My friends on the yard can't believe the difference either.   A big thank you to you Claire, the natural approach is always the better one as far as I am concerned.

I must admit since Ted has had the All Weather Breather he seems to have more energy, he shows off in the field. Schooling is better and his body shape has changed for the better. He has muscled up. He has just been given the all clear from the back lady. I have started some of the parelli in hand level one exercises with him. He wears the all weather breather Monday to Friday in the field. Thanks for your help and support.

Denise, Rugby, UK
February 2011

I do only have good news for you - isn't that great? Nelly seems to be getting better every day - there is no coughing any more since 2 weeks. I do a bit of walking and horsemanship exercises 3 days a week for approx. 1 h and she likes it. As I wrote above - there is no coughing any more, but something new -> she yawns, chews and pokes her tongue out while walking. I have never seen that before. Nelly definitely relaxes while walking - her head is very low, sometimes she even touches the ground with her upper lip while walking! In addition, she is very attentive and responds to every little sign I give her! She breathes slowly and gentle! Her breathing afterwards is very good. She breathes slowly without any noises!!!!! She still has her All Weather breather on continously and I will not change that. So above all - Equine Breathing is and will always be on our minds! :-). I feel very very happy how everything developed! 

Michi, Austria
June 2010