COPD, equine asthma

If your horse has breathing difficulties such as COPD, RAO, asthma, heaves etc, it’s worth trying Equine Breathing.

Equine Breathing is a natural and holistic method – there are no drugs or treatments involved. Equine Breathing is a training method that is enjoyable for horses and owners report good results.

Equine Breathing is based on the same respiration physiology as the Buteyko method that enables people to recover from breathing difficulties such as asthma.

You can read about owners' success in helping their horses recover from breathing difficulties in the Testimonials  page, in Horse Breather articles and in the facebook group; COPD / asthma recovery with Equine Breathing

it’s easy to just give Equine Breathing a try, using the free instructions for the simple 1N method, so that you can judge the effect on your horse for yourself.

Please note that Equine Breathing training is not a substitute for veterinary advuce, diagnosis or treatment.

Ben - Equine Breathing COPD trial

Rescue pony Ben was diagnosed with COPD 2 years earlier. Anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and steroids were unable to help.

His vet advised Equine Breathing and owner George found that upon using an All Weather Breather the symptoms disappeared.

This video tracks Ben's recovery over 2 months using an All Weather Breather.

Or read about it in this article; Horse Breather 52; Ben's recovery from COPD

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