Cribbing / windsucking

Rather than trying to physically prevent a horse from windsucking or cribbing, the aim with Equine Breathing is to relieve the horse’s desperate need to do it by improving the biochemistry.

When the biochemistry is improved by reducing over breathing, the physiology is able to start to recover until at some point it is well enough to no longer respond with symptoms such as cribbing and windsucking.

Cid's response to his first Equine Breathing session

Racehorse Cid was a chronic windsucker. He did it almost 100% of his spare time and during eating. This video shows Cid windsucking before his first Equine Breathing session and then after it, he's sleepy and relaxed instead.

You can read about owners' success in helping their horses recover from cribbing / windsucking  in the facebook group; Horse windsucking / cribbing recovery with Equine Breathing, in the Testimonials page, and in Horse Breather articles

Probably the best way to find out if Equine Breathing will help your horse is to try it for yourself using the free instructions for the simple 1N method.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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