Trials and case studies

Equine Breathing has been effective in trials and case studies for chronic problems such as sweet itch, hay fever, head shaking (tossing), COPD, cough, lethargy, EPSM, cribbing, separation anxiety and travel stress.

Please note Equine Breathing is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Headshaking and allergies trial using an Equine Breather

Curyghan had severe headshaking and hayfever with nose rubbing, and violent snorting every 10 seconds. He was unable to graze for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

The red markers on the chart show that the headshaking and allergy symptoms reduced in a few days (in the height of summer) and disappeared.

Before the trial, Curyghan also had separation anxiety making him difficult to handle, poor hoof quality, a long term abscess (despite veterinary treatment), and he refused to allow his ears to be touched. These symptoms also disappeared during the trial.

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Sweet-itch trial using an Equine Breather

Three year old Meg's sweetitch was severe. Treatments had failed to relieve it and Meg had become dangerous to handle as a result of her distress. Owner Debbie was considering putting her to sleep because the sweet-itch was causing so much suffering.

Debbie reported that Meg started to improve from day one. After six weeks use of the Equine Breather Meg was itch free, her coat had grown back and she recovered her gentle disposition.

Help for sweetitch facebook group

1N (one nostril) trials

1N is a gentle form of Equine Breathing. It may take longer than using a Breather but trials and case studies are showing that it is effective and as it requires no special equipment or training it costs nothing.  You can start Equine Breathing right now using the free instructions. However, if you think you might want to participate in a trial then send an email first, before starting with 1N.

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1N Headshaking trial

Jacky’s horse suffered from seasonal headshaking and sweet itch for the three years that Jacky has owned him. Various treatments failed to relieve the symptoms so Jacky decided to try Equine Breathing and started a 1N trial in March.

Her records show that through the period when the head shaking normally becomes “distressing” (scores of 4 and 5) Jack’s symptoms remained mild and at a level that caused no problems for him. In addition Jacky noticed an improvement in his stamina and fitness.

Jacky said, "Equine Breathing has undoubtedly helped Jack. 1N is definitely effective. It makes you think it is almost too simple to be effective. People ask - if it is free, can it really be any good. YES it can and YES it is. But you need patience and commitment. I am very happy with the overall results at the trial end. 1N has proved to me that it does work."

1N headshaking trial chart

How to participate in trials

If your horse has active, measurable symptoms and has never done any Equine Breathing, you are eligible to participate in a trial.

Trials help build up knowledge and data and may encourage more people to use Equine Breathing to help their horses with a wide range of problems.

A trial consists of defining your horse’s symptoms and then monitoring them through a 2 month period of daily Equine Breathing session and emailing the results. Full support is provided.

Trials can be done using 1N or any of the Breathers, or a combination of both.

If you are contemplating doing a trial, don’t do any Equine Breathing until you have got a trial pack and have got ‘signed up’.

In some cases free loan of a Breather and free training are available.

If you think that you might be interested in taking part in a trial, email for more details.

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