Help for headshaking

Help your horse recover with Equine Breathing

Helps all types of headshaking whatever the trigger

Drug-free, natural, and enjoyable for the horse

Easy to do using the free instructions

Please note that Equine Breathing is not a substitute for veterinary care

Equine Breathing is a soothing method that improves breathing. Over breathing has a direct and damaging effect on the physiology which can result in symptoms such as headshaking, snorting and anxiety. Reducing the over breathing enables the physiology to start to recover until it's well enough to no longer produce symptoms. For a fuller explanation see Overview

You can judge the effect on your horse for yourself. It's easy to try Equine Breathing using the free instructions.

Clare developed Equine Breathing to help her own horse recover from headshaking - and it worked! Read how it began here.

Support and advice is also available in the Facebook group Headshaking recovery with Equine Breathing.

Any questions, ask Clare 

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Some success stories

Liv's video shows her mare's headshaking symptoms before starting Equine Breathing. She then videod again after their 4th 1N session showing the mare's relief from symptoms.

Here are some articles with more success stories written by the owners.

Delilah's story (eventer competition horse)

Vinnie's story part 1    ('failed' racehorse to promising eventer) and part 2

Jack's story - recovery with 1N

A Case study

Curyghan had severe headshaking with allergies, nose rubbing, and violent snorting every 10 seconds. He was unable to graze for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

This case study tracks how with use of 1N and an Equine Breather, Cury's symptoms reduced and disappeared.

You can read Cury's story in this Horse Breather article

If you are interested in Equine Breathing trials and case studies and maybe participating in one then see the Trials and Case Studies page


Long term effect

Owner Tracey recorded her horse's "incredible transformation" over a year of Equine Breathing. Kite had suffered year round headshaking as well as COPD and anxiety. Here Tracey compares Kite's former headshaking with his good health one year on.

You can follow Tracey's video diary on this facebook page - Kite The Horse


If you feel inspired to do Equine Breathing to help your headshaker you can get started straight away using the free instructions for 1N

Once you are confident that 1N is helpful you can get more detailed guidance and info from the downloads below. If you are interested in the possibility of using a Breather there is more info under Products and Courses