Lethargy, erratic energy

Three years ago Fliss started Equine Breathing with Kitty who was diagnosed with COPD and suffered bad lethargy. The vet's prognosis was that Kitty's allergic response would increase with age and her condition continue to worsen resulting in extreme asthma attacks.

Hope you are keeping well and still doing a wonderful job of bringing relief to many owners and horses!

Kitty is still off the drugs and most impressively of all has even coped with a week or so of being stabled 24/7 due to a foot abscess, no mean feat given her previous form :-)

The fact she's coped with some time in her stable means I can be a bit braver on days when it's really hot or wet and perhaps stable her for a half day if it's really nasty. For the first time in years Liam and I are having a properly holiday, even going abroad!, and I feel so much better about leaving her than I ever would have - all thanks to you and I am truly grateful.

Kitty was full of beans tonight and came over, cantering and bucking for her dinner and telling me off for being late - lovely to see.

Fliss, Gloucestershire UK
August 2012

I bought the all weather breather at ‘Your Horse Live’ for my coloured cob Teddy as he had a bad cough.

I had booked the vet to call out on Wed (3 days later) but decided to postpone the visit and give your breather a chance. Well I am glad I did.  Teddy has not coughed up any gunk out side his stable since, and although he does cough during ridden exercise it is no where near as bad. He seemed more focused as well.   My friends on the yard can't believe the difference either.   A big thank you to you Claire, the natural approach is always the better one as far as I am concerned.

I must admit since Ted has had the All Weather Breather he seems to have more energy, he shows off in the field. Schooling is better and his body shape has changed for the better. He has muscled up. He has just been given the all clear from the back lady. I have started some of the parelli in hand level one exercises with him. He wears the all weather breather Monday to Friday in the field. Thanks for your help and support.

Denise, Rugby, UK
February 2011

Russian horse owner Sasha started Equine Breathing to help her horse Caramel who has an allergic cough. She used the free instructions to do 1N and posted a video of her session which can be seen on this youtube link. Sasha shows good technique with a lovely calm, patient and quiet demeanour. She and Caramel seem to enjoy the session and if they continue with 1N Caramel will probably go even more deeply relaxed.

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November 2010

Having searched for years Natalie despaired of finding a way to help her horse recover from post viral lethargy, poor immune response, over weight and irritability - see entry below, July 08. After 3 months of using a Grazing Breather Natalie reported the following.

I would never have believed that by using something that on the face of it looks such a basic item could change a horses whole being , I see it as a totally holistic change to him.. mind body and spirit ! ..his behaviour, attitude to work, overall physiology show that the Grazing Breather has undoubtedly.. in my opinion been 100% effective. I have to pinch myself that he DOES have energy now.. and a vitality.. which he hasn’t had for 5 years and I never thought he could get back.

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Natalie Lascelles, Hampshire, UK
September 2008

Derby's symptoms were breathing difficulties, a persistent cough, no energy, head shaking and his immune system always seemed to be down. "He was such an adrenaline junky and had been since I got him. He also had nearly all the symptoms described for horses that breathe wrongly" (in “Over breathing signs to look for” in issue 4 of ‘Horse Breather’ eg dislikes being groomed ).I have to say I have a new horse or a normal horse now. No one would know it is the same horse at all. There have been a ton of improvements

Roni Leaf , BC, Canada
September 2008

Having searched for years Natalie despaired of finding a way to help her horse recover from post viral lethargy, poor immune response, over weight and irritability. After starting Equine Breathing she emailed;  "I can’t tell you how much you are helping me and Jack and feel that I have found the lifeline I have been searching for...  I feel like I am 'seeing' a different horse under my very nose each time I go to the farm.. and each new day I wonder what has in store for us both ... :-) "

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Natalie Lascelles, Hampshire, UK
July 2008