This is amazing! I have always focussed on harmony with my horses, but the leadership exercises together with the 1N breathing give me a much deeper and calmer feeling of total oneness with the horse.

I am using this for all the horses here and I can see results already. One fidgety, bitey type horse is still and relaxed and non-biting already. The headshaking mare is starting to enjoy the 1N a little more now. Another mare that would lose focus every time a bird chirped is calmer and more focussed.

Thank you so much for your lifework. It is very exciting.

Sheilagh Marissink, Ontario, Canada
May 2014

Les effets positifs du 1N sont très visibles maintenant sur la dermite (estivale) de Symphonie... elle a encore du crin et nous terminons le mois de Mai : c'est exceptionnel!! elle est surtout beaucoup plus détendue et répond très bien aux séances : elle s'endort et pousse des hennissements en sursautant! Elle est plus apaisée avec les autres poneys, moins de morsures, moins les oreilles en arrière. C'est très intéressant... et encourageant!

Audrey, France
May 2014

Well I can't begin to tell you the miracle turn around of Tom - he is a different horse. I have continued the IN breathing and used the all weather breather for up to 3 hours a day now. He has stopped coughing, he has brought up white mucus, done a lot of nose blowing and his breathing is not so noticeable in fact nearly back to normal and he enjoys wearing it. He is certainly very happy within himself - a complete turnaround - it is just amazing.

I found your video (Using the All Weather Breather) very helpful and loaded with information easy to understand and follow. I am so glad I found you Clare you are brilliant thank you for sharing your knowledge


Jennifer, Oxfordshire, UK
April 2014

Russian horse owner Sasha started Equine Breathing to help her horse Caramel who has an allergic cough. She used the free instructions to do 1N and posted a video of her session which can be seen on this youtube link. Sasha shows good technique with a lovely calm, patient and quiet demeanour. She and Caramel seem to enjoy the session and if they continue with 1N Caramel will probably go even more deeply relaxed.

View Video

November 2010

Some time ago I bought your booklet on Equine Breathing and started 1N with a new horse, an 18 year old Connemara x TB mare (Tamdhu). Over the last 8 months we have got rid of the shoes, grown new hooves, disposed of the rugs and she has adapted to living out 24/7. She has changed from being grumpy and bossy to pleasant and calm. Elder daughter has been working with the youngster (4 in September) and this evening I rode Tamdhu and daughter rode Millie - just a walk down a stony track, round a small circle and back up again. Millie is doing well and has been very calm, never had any trouble putting on a saddle and bridle etc. So we had a little trot for the last stretch home which Millie found, possibly, exciting (?) and for the first time ever bucked and bronc-ed three times, the third time daughter came off. Millie charged off, Tamdhu also panicked but luckily for me never races off. I cut up the side track to our house and Millie, on noticing, turned and followed.   After daughter had picked herself up we took the ponies into the round pen and she climbed back on, walked and trotted, etc. Whilst she was doing that, Tam stood so close to me and pressed her nostril against my bare arm and just stood there. I could feel the pressure from her, it seemed to be she was deliberately seeking to do 1N on herself. I couldn't believe it. So when she eased away I did a bit more on the other nostril for her. I presume the antics from Millie had unsettled her? Would like to hear your views on this. Anyway, it reminded me about 1N which has been pushed to the back of my mind with work load so tonight I got back on your website and am going through all your articles.

Paula, UK
August 2009

The Grazing Breathers are fantastic - we are all going to enjoy these - did first session yesterday evening. Teach took to it like a duck to water - when I removed it this morning he followed me from the top of the field to the gate and stood as if to say 'I want more'  Jack kept trying to get it off with his legs, on me, on the ground - so we do his sessions supervised so that I can move him when he is doing that and leave him be when he is grazing. His session this morning was much better - very little trying to dislodge it. And we did a session in the stable with him in the Grazing Breather and what a difference - he loved it and will soon be looking for the sessions and the Grazing Breather as Teach is doing. Both are now off antihistamines and are only a little itchy - will be interesting to see what happens, if anything, ie clearing. I think Jack has major blocks in his sinus's - that seems to be his main problem - his sarcoid has dropped off since we have been doing the 1N so I have high hopes that his sinus's will be clear and possibly pain free very soon. Teach and Jacks relationship has changed - Teach is much more pleasant to Jack - he never was brutal to him but always moved him on or away from me - last week I stood in the field with both of them by me stroking there noses - I was ecstatic. All visitors to the yard remark on how chilled and laid back my 2 are - they are more confident and as a result are becoming happier. I have treated my self to the Asthma dvd to learn more for me. We will all be breathing properly by the end of it all. Thank you - so glad you developed this technique and I will pass the message on when I can.


Linda, Southport, UK
July 2009