Let me introduce you to our 12.2 show pony "Fairy". She is the most beautiful little pony, everyone loves her....BUT....she can be so much trouble we don't know where to start! When left in her stable she rears and starts to get very upset. She tries to barge out of the stable when we go in and generally quite unruly. When ridden she runs away in her paces and then when she's had enough she shakes her head so violently that she begins to nap and nothing more can be done with her. When I try to lead her she will throw her head at me, which if my daughter leads her can cause a nasty head butt.  All this leads to a sad day at the stables, it doesn't make owning a pony fun. I have owned this pony since she was two and have always loved and cared for her, where have I gone wrong? We have had up 4 other ponies since getting her with no problems at all with them. Fairy is 14yrs now and after my daughter’s disastrous ride last night and your article I thought why not give it a go...what have we got to lose?Can we please be involved in your trial. We would love to record her behaviour to see if they improve. But after 12 years of silly behaviour she'll be a hard nut to crack!!

Jane sent a second email a few days later: I read (the 1N participant’s info pack) with interest and would love to give it a go. I did try it the other day and the first 5 mins she was trying to bite me and was trying to toss her head to move my hand away, the second 5 mins on the other nostril was similar but then the third 5 mins back on the first nostril was much better. At the end of the thirty mins her head was down by my knees!! I was nearly falling asleep with her! Now I know it must take a good few sessions before you notice any changes, but she was different after the first. We walked in and out of the stable and she didn't try and barge us out of the way....coincidence? I don't know.. because she's never done that before! So yes we want to give it a real go and will start next week.

Jane S, UK
November 2007