Spookiness, safety

My 15yr. old Connemara gelding, Coillte Mah has suffered very badly from copd for the past 5yrs. and I have been struggling to give him some reasonable quality of life. There have been several occasions when I nearly called the vet to have him put to sleep as his lungs were sounding like a church organ. Over the years I have tried many supplements, some worked well and others not so well and always he was getting slowly worse. I was constantly 'surfing the web' looking for new products and discovered Equine Breathing. He has been using the All Weather Breather for several months and the improvement is nothing short of miraculous and I don't think that it will be too long now before I will be riding him again.

I also have an 8yr. old Irish Cob called Samson and a few weeks ago he developed behavioural problems. He became over reactive and very spooky and also started to crib badly. After using the All Weather Breather for only a couple of weeks he is a different horse. He no longer cribs and is focused and co-operative during our schooling lessons and much safer on the roads. Clare has been so supportive during this amazing journey. Not only do I have two healthy and well behaved horses, I have learned so much as well.

Helen, Ireland
January 2016

Kingscliffe is making good progress with his rope phobia and general wariness/spookiness. He is now back to being a friendly, laid-back character. His brother is regaining his coltishness and vibrancy and the quality of his hooves has improved really well in the last month.

Wendy, Oxon, UK

I have been very pleased with the AW. I think it has helped him stay calm out on the roads

Ellie, Scotland