Bad Temper

This is amazing! I have always focussed on harmony with my horses, but the leadership exercises together with the 1N breathing give me a much deeper and calmer feeling of total oneness with the horse.

I am using this for all the horses here and I can see results already. One fidgety, bitey type horse is still and relaxed and non-biting already. The headshaking mare is starting to enjoy the 1N a little more now. Another mare that would lose focus every time a bird chirped is calmer and more focussed.

Thank you so much for your lifework. It is very exciting.

Sheilagh Marissink, Ontario, Canada
May 2014

Les effets positifs du 1N sont très visibles maintenant sur la dermite (estivale) de Symphonie... elle a encore du crin et nous terminons le mois de Mai : c'est exceptionnel!! elle est surtout beaucoup plus détendue et répond très bien aux séances : elle s'endort et pousse des hennissements en sursautant! Elle est plus apaisée avec les autres poneys, moins de morsures, moins les oreilles en arrière. C'est très intéressant... et encourageant!

Audrey, France
May 2014

Today the new pony went out with the herd. When she arrived her and Starlight bonded very quickly. Starlight has spent most of the day keeping the rest of the herd away from the pony. When I went to bring Starlight in she was neighing and kicking her stable door - very upset that she was not with the pony. She did not have the breather on today as it was the day off.  I thought “What shall I do? I know …” I put the Equine Breather on and let her out on line to re-establish my leadership. I was so surprised, it took only about 10 mins and she was so relaxed. I brought her back in and tied her up and groomed her and rasped her feet. Fantastic ! I did want to share this with you and to share with other people.

Jackie, Bristol, UK
January 2010

Ellie has recently completed an 8 week 1N trial with her Icelandic pony Bjork. Bjork had a distressing, chronic, constant, unilateral nasal discharge and developed hay fever, a hay allergy and cough on exercise . Bjork also had runny eyes and had become lethargic .  After 8 weeks of 1N Ellie commented;

“I noticed a profound effect of the 1N breathing on Bjork right from day 1. She is almost over the discharge, though not completely yet. She barely has any discharge now when she is resting and the discharge she gets after exercise has gone from green and frothy to a slight white discharge.The other main difference I saw in her was her energy level throughout the 2 month period. At first, she was lethargic, but as her symptoms improved, she got more and more sprightly. Not only did 1N treat the main physical symptoms but Bjork has become calmer, happier, less nippy (in fact not at all, though I’d like to wait until her seasons start again to be sure!). Bjork is in a good mood all the time now and seems very content with life. She has had her smile back for a while now, and that coupled with her nose pretty much better, is filling me with joy!I have found Equine Breathing an easy thing to do. I enjoy that quiet time spent with Bjork and love the fact that she really seems to enjoy our sessions. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit all the sessions in, but I have actually welcomed the breathing as something to do on those dark nights after work when you don’t feel like much else. It’s a great thing for the winter as you know you’re doing something positive even though you’re not always exercising. I am mostly able to find the space and time to do it.”

Ellie, Edinburgh
February 2006