Sweet Itch

Les effets positifs du 1N sont très visibles maintenant sur la dermite (estivale) de Symphonie... elle a encore du crin et nous terminons le mois de Mai : c'est exceptionnel!! elle est surtout beaucoup plus détendue et répond très bien aux séances : elle s'endort et pousse des hennissements en sursautant! Elle est plus apaisée avec les autres poneys, moins de morsures, moins les oreilles en arrière. C'est très intéressant... et encourageant!

Audrey, France
May 2014

The boys are doing v well with their breathing - no excess mucus - itching has decreased dramatically and their coats are lovely and soft and shiny - they look so well. Jack is now seemingly pain free with his sinus 's - he now loves having his face massaged gently and I can touch his ears with no problem. He still has itchy nostrils after a session but he looks so much more relaxed. Poor thing I never even thought he had blocked sinus's - so glad we are doing the breathing. Need the All Weather Breathers as the weather has now gone v wet and the Grazing breathers get v wet v quickly. Will let you know how we get on - plan to use both types of breathers according to weather. My breathing is coming on slowly - I can tell when I have gone back to breathing though my mouth - my stomach aches, dry mouth and feel drained!!! Its a work in progress.

Linda, Southport UK
November 2009

My pony who suffers from Sweet Itch during the hot weather was finding it a particularly bad day and was rubbing her left shoulder very intensively against one of the fence posts. This was a determined scratch that was done at a 45 degree angle with one front leg crossed under the other. I moved her from the post a couple of times but she immediately went back. The Grazing Breather was put on and she returned to the post to resume her scratching. However the remarkable thing was that she arrived at the post (probably 10 sec after the breather was fitted) and suddenly realised she no longer wanted to scratch. She wandered off and started grazing. The immediate effect the breather had on her was quite noticeable.  Her condition has improved no end since starting the breathing and I hope that in time she won’t feel the sunny days to be a problem as they have been in the past.

Rose, Hampshire, UK
August 2008

Following use of the Equine Breather for sweet itch ; "I am very pleased, had tried all sorts of lotions etc and was getting to the point where I did not want her suffering any further so I was contemplating having her put to sleep. Now she is itch free and she started to recover from the first day.

Debbie, Berkshire, UK

The All Weather Breather has been really excellent in helping my pony recover from severe sweet itch.

Jane, UK