Box Rest

I have used Equine Breathing with some clients horses (I need to order a Breather from you) with great results, particularly a mare that is on long term box rest and was getting extremely upset ! The mare had been on box rest for few weeks before I saw her, she was used to living out and wasn't coping at all with confinement. It was also unfortunate that she was stabled very close to some stallions which she tried to get to when they were bought past her box. In general she was extremely hyper and very unsettled and sometimes too dangerous for the owner to be in the box with her. I went and saw this lady and worked with her using a host of techniques.  One of the techniques I showed her was Equine Breathing, despite the initial objections the horse really enjoyed the breathing technique and was beautifully calm and relaxed afterwards. The owner has continued with all the exercises that we explored on the day including Equine Breathing and the mare although still on box rest several months later is significantly calmer and easier to deal with. the owner has also remarked that she has found that the exercises including Equine Breathing have really improved the bond between them.


Nicola Bebb , Holistic Equine Consultant