Before Equine Breathing, I was beginning to despair of ever being able to compete with Sam. Sam was a 5 year old when I bought him, with very little experience of anything. Within 3 months he developed a lameness that lasted over a year. During this time, under veterinary supervision (the lameness was pinpointed to the joint between his coffin bone and his short pastern) he had 3 months in his box and was turned out for 9 months with no improvement. I was faced with the vet’s advice of either a plaster cast for 3 months, expensive exploratory surgery with no guarantee of success or putting him to sleep!  Sam also had an acute behavioural problem that caused him to become hyper tense, which meant that he could never relax fully and gave the impression that his whole mind was elsewhere. This behaviour was particularly bad within sight of cows.

Since using the Equine Breathing technique, not only has the lameness disappeared (at the point of writing he has done 4 months of work and is now fit enough to compete at a pre-novice event), but his ‘cow phobia’ has also been improving day on day, to the extent that he can go past a field of cows without a fit.

Although clinically it is impossible to prove that Equine Breathing has made these changes, I honestly feel that without Equine Breathing I would still have a lame horse with an acute cow phobia . I have a much better understanding of my horse and the things that concern him, and a set of tools to help me manage and address these concerns and make him more comfortable within himself.

Matthew, Oxfordshire, UK
June 2005

Kingscliffe is making good progress with his rope phobia and general wariness/spookiness. He is now back to being a friendly, laid-back character. His brother is regaining his coltishness and vibrancy and the quality of his hooves has improved really well in the last month.

Wendy, Oxon, UK