Equine Breathing has undoubtedly helped Jack. I know the head shaking symptoms would, at times, have shown themselves in a more severe manner if I had not been doing Equine Breathing. The symptoms so far this year appear to be less severe and less frequent. When they are present I am able to lessen them or even to stop them by doing 1N . 1N is definitely effective. I feel this has to benefit every horse with or without problems, the relaxation alone is great. If you can relax your own mind it can give you a peaceful rest too. I have no hesitation in saying it is worth the effort. I would certainly recommend it to others, particularly those who have tried and failed with more conventional methods as at that time they are usually more ready to take on a larger commitment. It makes you think it is almost too simple to be effective.  People ask - if it is free, can it really be any good. YES it can and YES it is. But you need patience and commitment. It's (Equine Breathing is) mystical to the non-science based average Joe! I am very happy with the overall results at the trial end. 1N has proved to me that it does work. My dilemma is not whether to continue to breathe – there is absolutely no question about my not doing so, I couldn’t allow Jack to go backwards, but how to better manage things so that I can continue with EB. I also want to start on my other cob. He is highly-strung and nervy, (the field boss!) I did a few minutes on him at the weekend and he relaxed really well. The obvious answer is to buy an Equine Breather.

Jacky, Wales
June 2006

Ellie has recently completed an 8 week 1N trial with her Icelandic pony Bjork. Bjork had a distressing, chronic, constant, unilateral nasal discharge and developed hay fever, a hay allergy and cough on exercise . Bjork also had runny eyes and had become lethargic .  After 8 weeks of 1N Ellie commented;

“I noticed a profound effect of the 1N breathing on Bjork right from day 1. She is almost over the discharge, though not completely yet. She barely has any discharge now when she is resting and the discharge she gets after exercise has gone from green and frothy to a slight white discharge.The other main difference I saw in her was her energy level throughout the 2 month period. At first, she was lethargic, but as her symptoms improved, she got more and more sprightly. Not only did 1N treat the main physical symptoms but Bjork has become calmer, happier, less nippy (in fact not at all, though I’d like to wait until her seasons start again to be sure!). Bjork is in a good mood all the time now and seems very content with life. She has had her smile back for a while now, and that coupled with her nose pretty much better, is filling me with joy!I have found Equine Breathing an easy thing to do. I enjoy that quiet time spent with Bjork and love the fact that she really seems to enjoy our sessions. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit all the sessions in, but I have actually welcomed the breathing as something to do on those dark nights after work when you don’t feel like much else. It’s a great thing for the winter as you know you’re doing something positive even though you’re not always exercising. I am mostly able to find the space and time to do it.”

Ellie, Edinburgh
February 2006

Karen's horse Amazon consistently coughed when being ridden , but not when being lunged either before or after riding. Following use of 1N before riding Amazon became cough free and gave lovely soft, relaxed work. When Karen tried not doing 1N, Amazon coughed for the whole ride and her work was strained.

"I have been back from holiday now for three weeks and after an initial couple of sessions where her cough was still present (nowhere near as bad as it originally was!) I rode her today and the cough has all but gone!! I have done the 1N technique prior to every ridden session (5 minutes on each nostril) and it really seems to be doing the trick.  I would also endorse a couple of points you made in this month’s ezine: - definitely do the “Perfect Manners” exercises or similar as I am sure this has helped her to trust me and although she was a bit wary to start she is now almost asleep within a matter of seconds when I do the 1N on her!! I am only able to ride 3 or 4 times a week so its not like I’m doing it with her every day to get this benefit. - she has most definitely improved in her fitness over the past few weeks!! She is rather tubby from all the rich grass coming through but her fitness just keeps on improving! Our lessons are improving all the time with our instructor saying that each lesson is the best she has ever seen us work! My next stage is to do the 1N at my first dressage comp for quite a few months (ie this weekend!) I have always been rather frustrated that she can give me such great work at home then goes daft when she is out. I do now exercise her at home before we go out which helps but I am hoping that this will be the icing on the cake and will help us to be more successful this season! Thanks for your advice (and even more thanks from Amazon!) I think we’re both a lot happier and healthier from using this technique!!"

Karen, UK
April 2005

I got your name through a link web page. I tried it on one of my horses yesterday and she just went to sleep it was a wonderful  lovley feeling of peace. She has really bad arthritus will this help?


Firstly thank you for spending time explaining this technique to me. It was much appreciated. Because I am always looking for ways to improve the lives of the Animals I deal with, and your Equine Breathing technique seemed simple and down to earth, I was happy to put up both your articles on the Horse website but I really did want to test it out for myself.   As I mentioned to you I was working on some health issues on 2 Stallions and at your suggestion, I thought I'd try the 1N method so downloaded your PDF notes, read them and off I went.

I tried very hard to follow each step and didn't do what you would call a 'full session' perhaps but I did manage a few minutes on both nostrils. The effect was stunning! The horse just literally dropped his head and went very dopey within minutes and last seen was hanging outside of his box, fast asleep, bottom lip drooping totally at peace with the world and it truly was great to see him like that. What had taken me some 35 minutes to do using Reiki on Saturday, the relaxation part, I achieved in under 5 minutes using 1N. I know they are two different things with different benefits, but the relaxation is so vital for healing to work whatever you choose to do.

Most of the Staff were watching and a couple of them showed interest in learning the technique which I believe can be used for so many of the problems they could run into. eg: when foals and mares are weaned; for horse and youngsters who do not like being boxed, shod etc. for Stallions who are getting a little above themselves; and medically. All I can see are benefits. The stresses these horses go through is hard to explain but by the very fact that they don't get too much time outside and have to cope with having mares paraded past them, you can perhaps imagine just a little how much this must bother them. Using this technique, properly, I am now convinced would be just wonderful for them. It was exciting from my point of view to be able to help in such a short time and with so little to think about. It is without doubt something I will constantly think about for future Consults. It is so simplistic but having had a night to think about it, am now even more excited and enthusiastic to do as much of the Equine Breathing Technique as I can and to teach it to others.

On a more personal note, I don't sleep well. I work very hard and find it difficult to switch off. But last night I sat and did the breathing exercises you described to me. I was in bed and asleep by 8.00pm! that is unheard of. So I aim to pursue the Breathing course you suggested and I will try to remember what you taught me and again, thank you for giving up your time.

Update from Samantha September 05

A pony stallion, quite a handful was dragging the trainer around the arena as she tried to get him to hold still so she could put on his roller to lunge him. I offered to help her and just thought I'd try the 1N again. Yet again, within a few minutes he had calmed down much the amazement of the handler who said she had never seen him so quiet and submissive. All this done with no force and it's so easy.  I can't see any reason why people just don't try it and see the results for themselves. I have yet to further this to getting the Breather, but what I have seen so far on these two horses and a few others, has just given very positive results without stressing out anyone or any animal. What more could you want? People are seeing the 1N and getting interested so I carry the little book with me and also the pages, I downloaded them off your site, so they can read exactly what it can do if the Breathing is used. 

It's like all things 'new' it seems too simple to be true, it just takes time for people to catch on.

Samantha, Veterinary homeopath, classical riding instructor and dressage judge

I have used Equine Breathing with some clients horses (I need to order a Breather from you) with great results, particularly a mare that is on long term box rest and was getting extremely upset ! The mare had been on box rest for few weeks before I saw her, she was used to living out and wasn't coping at all with confinement. It was also unfortunate that she was stabled very close to some stallions which she tried to get to when they were bought past her box. In general she was extremely hyper and very unsettled and sometimes too dangerous for the owner to be in the box with her. I went and saw this lady and worked with her using a host of techniques.  One of the techniques I showed her was Equine Breathing, despite the initial objections the horse really enjoyed the breathing technique and was beautifully calm and relaxed afterwards. The owner has continued with all the exercises that we explored on the day including Equine Breathing and the mare although still on box rest several months later is significantly calmer and easier to deal with. the owner has also remarked that she has found that the exercises including Equine Breathing have really improved the bond between them.


Nicola Bebb , Holistic Equine Consultant