All Weather Breather

I watched Doobie deteriorate over 5 years of owning him to the point where the EPSM symptoms were very advanced and it was extremely distressing for him. He was difficult and sometimes dangerous to handle . Two months of use of the The All Weather Breather has changed my horse’s life, the muscle tightness, stiff legged gait, tension, colic and aggression have gone. He is like a normal horse enjoying herd life. I’ve never really known the true horse inside his diseased body and I am so excited about the future.

Jackie, Bristol, UK
March 2010

The boys are doing v well with their breathing - no excess mucus - itching has decreased dramatically and their coats are lovely and soft and shiny - they look so well. Jack is now seemingly pain free with his sinus 's - he now loves having his face massaged gently and I can touch his ears with no problem. He still has itchy nostrils after a session but he looks so much more relaxed. Poor thing I never even thought he had blocked sinus's - so glad we are doing the breathing. Need the All Weather Breathers as the weather has now gone v wet and the Grazing breathers get v wet v quickly. Will let you know how we get on - plan to use both types of breathers according to weather. My breathing is coming on slowly - I can tell when I have gone back to breathing though my mouth - my stomach aches, dry mouth and feel drained!!! Its a work in progress.

Linda, Southport UK
November 2009

I have been very pleased with the AW. I think it has helped him stay calm out on the roads

Ellie, Scotland

Having the AW has meant continued 'breathing' and good health for jack .. and peace of mind for me ... which in turn also means happier horse.  Cheers to AWs !!!!!!!!

Nat, Hampshire

The All Weather Breather has been really excellent in helping my pony recover from severe sweet itch.

Jane, UK

Its effectiveness has given me such confidence that I have not found it necessary to use the anti wind sucking / cribbing collars either when they are wearing the AW or during their time not wearing it

Wendy, UK