Human breathing, Comfort Breather

Thanks for your prompt reply. My horse started with a snotty nose 10 days ago - no temp - does not look or act ill - but also a minor cough with it. I soak all hay and haylage - all I can think of at the moment is that there is v little grass on the winter grazing and it has been v dry - therefore lots of mud. He is a little better with anti histamines but thought there could be a better way forward. Have been practising the 1N method according to the video on your website. Has a v dramatic affect on lowering his adrenalin levels - have another pony and have started it on him too. Both relax have a sneeze occasionally and seem to have less snot!!! Always a good thing. Now I just need to learn how to breathe properly!!! I definitely over breathe. Just done 40 mins long lining my boy and tried to keep my mouth closed - out of breathe very quickly. Looking forward to seeing the results in my boys and myself. Need to find the time to get it rolling for me - as usual I come last. Shouldnt cause if I dont get it right then they will just continue to mimic me!!!  PS Have just mucked out both stables with my mouth shut and dont feel as tired.


Linda, Southport UK
March 2009

I have tried your breathing techniques on a couple of occasions for my self and it really works. I trimmed one of my horses that always is a restless soul and walks away and pulls her leg away. This time, with me controlling my breathing and not talking to her, the whole thing was done really quickly and she just stood there. What a difference.  And also I tried it when I went to a dance class at the gym. I was sweaty and hot at the end but when the session was finished my breathing was back to normal almost straight away and I wasn't tired.  Wow! thanks for sharing these ideas with us.

Carina, Sweden
October 2008