COPD, cough, breathing problems

Russian horse owner Sasha started Equine Breathing to help her horse Caramel who has an allergic cough. She used the free instructions to do 1N and posted a video of her session which can be seen on this youtube link. Sasha shows good technique with a lovely calm, patient and quiet demeanour. She and Caramel seem to enjoy the session and if they continue with 1N Caramel will probably go even more deeply relaxed.

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November 2010

I do only have good news for you - isn't that great? Nelly seems to be getting better every day - there is no coughing any more since 2 weeks. I do a bit of walking and horsemanship exercises 3 days a week for approx. 1 h and she likes it. As I wrote above - there is no coughing any more, but something new -> she yawns, chews and pokes her tongue out while walking. I have never seen that before. Nelly definitely relaxes while walking - her head is very low, sometimes she even touches the ground with her upper lip while walking! In addition, she is very attentive and responds to every little sign I give her! She breathes slowly and gentle! Her breathing afterwards is very good. She breathes slowly without any noises!!!!! She still has her All Weather breather on continously and I will not change that. So above all - Equine Breathing is and will always be on our minds! :-). I feel very very happy how everything developed! 

Michi, Austria
June 2010

The boys are doing v well with their breathing - no excess mucus - itching has decreased dramatically and their coats are lovely and soft and shiny - they look so well. Jack is now seemingly pain free with his sinus 's - he now loves having his face massaged gently and I can touch his ears with no problem. He still has itchy nostrils after a session but he looks so much more relaxed. Poor thing I never even thought he had blocked sinus's - so glad we are doing the breathing. Need the All Weather Breathers as the weather has now gone v wet and the Grazing breathers get v wet v quickly. Will let you know how we get on - plan to use both types of breathers according to weather. My breathing is coming on slowly - I can tell when I have gone back to breathing though my mouth - my stomach aches, dry mouth and feel drained!!! Its a work in progress.

Linda, Southport UK
November 2009

We have had no rain, other than a few brief showers, since last year in June and we have no grass growing, lots of dust and very dry conditions. Dr. Boots the 22 yr old TB was doing ok on grass hay - but then it was gone (and scarce this year too) and I started him on bits of alfalfa hay ...and between that and the dryness and dusty-ness has aggravated his COPD quite badly in the last couple of weeks...  I treat him herbally and homeopathically but nothing seems to be working too well.    He was coughing a very deep cough and passing air (anally) just standing...and heaving quite strenuously. After putting on the Grazing Breather (after he tried to rub it off) his breathing seemed to calm down... he only coughed once this evening... and trotted in from the field (quickly) with no cough or wheeze (he had it on all evening while grazing) The heave line on his abdomen seems to be not so pronounced and is not being used as long or protractedly as it was earlier today. His breathing is still shallow and quick but is definitely different than before. So he will use it until he doesn't need it or until it rains. 5 September  Boots is doing much better....I have some Bronchial herbs and a special Homeopathic Dust for him and it seems to be doing the trick for him as well as the Grazing Breather... He certainly doesn't mind it on.... but is rather rough on it. I am sure that the GB - has contributed to his feeling much better and I will continue to use it. His breathing is much more normal (for an old heavey horse) and his coughing is very minimal (tonight anyway)  I am a firm believer that the GB has helped Boots overcome this distressing time.

Maureen, Alberta Canada
September 2009

Derby's symptoms were breathing difficulties, a persistent cough, no energy, head shaking and his immune system always seemed to be down. "He was such an adrenaline junky and had been since I got him. He also had nearly all the symptoms described for horses that breathe wrongly" (in “Over breathing signs to look for” in issue 4 of ‘Horse Breather’ eg dislikes being groomed ).I have to say I have a new horse or a normal horse now. No one would know it is the same horse at all. There have been a ton of improvements

Roni Leaf , BC, Canada
September 2008

Pauline and Lin started doing 1N 3 months ago with their 10 year old Connemara x TB, Sam. Three years ago Sam was diagnosed with allergic airway disease following a viral infection. Despite treatment and careful management Sam continued to have breathing difficulties (double respiratory movement and heaves) that were at times distressing and even life threatening.

“Completing endurance set speed ride in June and no ill effects and then training days attended are things we would not have even contemplated this time last year. Great isn’t it!   Mates at the yard can’t believe how well he has improved both physically and mentally over the past 3 months. We are now accompanying others out on forest rides and hacking regularly, which we would not have done before due to Sam’s breathing difficulties. Its difficult to believe that what you can see is happening and how quickly progress was made even though Sam has had a few set backs due to outside interventions ie annual jabs, picked up virus from field. He is still continuing to improve and this winter will tell us more.

Pauline and Lin, Hampshire, UK
October 2007