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Just to update you on the Equine Breathers and Sam.

I have ridden Sam throughout the summer and have not had any double breathing from him and his recovery from canter work is a lot quicker now; 5/6 minutes instead of 30mins. Now getting into training for winter time with view to getting back into endurance rides in the spring 2012.
Last weekend we had a naughty but nice experience of Sam bolting off across the New Forest for half a mile in canter …..Not even a heavy breathe, no sweating - unbelievable.

Pauline, Hampshire, UK
October 2011

I bought the all weather breather at ‘Your Horse Live’ for my coloured cob Teddy as he had a bad cough.

I had booked the vet to call out on Wed (3 days later) but decided to postpone the visit and give your breather a chance. Well I am glad I did.  Teddy has not coughed up any gunk out side his stable since, and although he does cough during ridden exercise it is no where near as bad. He seemed more focused as well.   My friends on the yard can't believe the difference either.   A big thank you to you Claire, the natural approach is always the better one as far as I am concerned.

I must admit since Ted has had the All Weather Breather he seems to have more energy, he shows off in the field. Schooling is better and his body shape has changed for the better. He has muscled up. He has just been given the all clear from the back lady. I have started some of the parelli in hand level one exercises with him. He wears the all weather breather Monday to Friday in the field. Thanks for your help and support.

Denise, Rugby, UK
February 2011

Russian horse owner Sasha started Equine Breathing to help her horse Caramel who has an allergic cough. She used the free instructions to do 1N and posted a video of her session which can be seen on this youtube link. Sasha shows good technique with a lovely calm, patient and quiet demeanour. She and Caramel seem to enjoy the session and if they continue with 1N Caramel will probably go even more deeply relaxed.

View Video

November 2010

I do only have good news for you - isn't that great? Nelly seems to be getting better every day - there is no coughing any more since 2 weeks. I do a bit of walking and horsemanship exercises 3 days a week for approx. 1 h and she likes it. As I wrote above - there is no coughing any more, but something new -> she yawns, chews and pokes her tongue out while walking. I have never seen that before. Nelly definitely relaxes while walking - her head is very low, sometimes she even touches the ground with her upper lip while walking! In addition, she is very attentive and responds to every little sign I give her! She breathes slowly and gentle! Her breathing afterwards is very good. She breathes slowly without any noises!!!!! She still has her All Weather breather on continously and I will not change that. So above all - Equine Breathing is and will always be on our minds! :-). I feel very very happy how everything developed! 

Michi, Austria
June 2010

Yesterday I really shouldnt have ridden .(chest and throat awful ).. but I so love to take Jack out , that off we set.. jack was absolutely full on ready to go ... he felt very powerful and alot of horse under me .. and as we crossed the road the thought did occur that perhaps I should return home... well I carried on , my arms ached and my whole upper body had no torque or posture at all .. and whilst Jack isnt heavy in his mouth at all I was having to summon all the strength I had to ride in a very basic way. UNTIL .... thoughts took me back to the tips in Horse Breather 42 and 43 and I really concentrated on my breathing . Slowly all my tension left my arms , my chest eased and I tried to hum out the air so it was as slow as possible , like you had written.... jack responded ... the pace kept the same but he became light in my hand and softer through his whole frame . I sat there riding him (doing an extra loop of forest ride as it was so good !) and thought to myself if only more people could realise it can be like this , by only changing their breathing !!!!!!!!!!!!  

Natalie , Hampshire UK
April 2010

I have been sleeping with my mouth taped every night – including the night on the plane, and I have been finding that my sleeping is more restful, deeper, no coughing and I wake feeling refreshed in the morning. I think that I have more energy too during the day. So, even though I have been sure that I do not open my mouth during the night, I must be doing so.  Lots of comments about wearing the “breather” as I went to gym and used the mask so as to not cough, which, with the exertion, I’m sure that I would have been doing. I have been wearing the mask when walking the dogs and driving the car. And when we went out for supper last night, although the comments about how I was going to eat with a mask on occasioned lots of mirth. I just say that it helps me not to cough, and since no-one around wants to get sick from me coughing on them, I think they are quite relieved!  I just cannot get over how comforting wearing the mask and the tape are. It’s like being held.

Merle, South Africa
March 2010